We are a small family run business that has been carrying Heartwood boxes for at least 40 years. They are perpetual good sellers to all ages, and they often (including in 2022) rank in our top 10 sellers of the over 125 U.S. artists we represent. We get repeat customers who have cherished the boxes they bought 25-30+ years ago, and now they are back to buy them as gifts for the next generation. Without a doubt they are an asset to our gallery as they are beautiful, useful, and unique. They are also conversation starters which helps open up a dialog with the customers which often leads to additional sales. We highly recommend them as an addition to any quality gallery.”
Amy Howard, manager Village Craftsmen of Ocracoke Island, NC
Heartwood has been in our gallery for over 15 years. The boxes are always sold out. People just know the boxes, and they return time and again to purchase them. They sell to all ages. Kids love them. Adults love them.
Matt Jaros, Glass Onion Originals, Pleasantville, NY
We have found Heartwood Creations to be a super seller over the many years we have represented this studio! Fine craftsmanship, functional, made in America, superior service and price points that appeal to the casual retail buyer looking for hand crafted gifts.
Paul Pittman, A Touch of Earth, Williamsburg, VA
I’ve carried Heartwood for over 20 years. We’re not a high-volume account, but these boxes always sell. They are an easy $20 add-on-sale and I keep one or even two displays right by the register to answer questions when curious customers pick them up to investigate. People love them! They sell constantly.
Peter Hoffman, The Mole Hole of Carmel, CA
As an artist and small business owner I truly appreciate finding fine handcrafted items to attract customers when they enter our gallery. Having a business in the Florida Keys means year round Tourist Season catering to visitors from all over the world and we pride ourselves in carrying only American made crafts. Between the beautiful craftsmanship and the affordable price point Heartwood Secret Boxes continue to be a winning combination for us. Our customers love discovering the wooden box display near our counter and are even more delighted after handling the boxes and solving “the secret” behind opening them! The Heartwood Team is also a pleasure to work with and make reordering a breeze which is so important when you are in a busy retail environment. We look forward to many more years of carrying these wonderful little boxes!
Cindy King, Old Road Gallery, Islamorada, FL
We are a Retailer in Downtown Racine, WI and believe in carrying products of quality, uniqueness, affordable pricing and much of it American Craft. The Heartwood product is just that. We have carried this product for over 20 years, boxes in our earlier years but now mainly cribbage boards. We cannot keep our cribbage boards in stock and continue to order on a regular basis. What has also continued with Heartwood is their superior Customer Service. Cannot say enough about them and their products.
Pam and Jack Viroglio, Northern Lights Gallery, Racine, WI
Heartwood boxes sell out quickly! Kids love them, too, and they’re nice for keepsakes. I highly recommend their products
Lyn, Kentuck Art Center, Northpoint, AL
We have had Heartwood boxes in our shops in North Carolina for over 30 years. They are consistent in quality, design, function and are sure to sell! The sliding inlay boxes sell very well and all the newer designs with artwork and boxes with items included, like guitar picks or compasses, have been best sellers! The company is great to work with.
Judy Joyce, Tar Heel Trading, Kill Devil Hills, NC
Heartwood makes the best handmade wooden products that we’ve ever sold in over 50 years. They’re always popular and also make the perfect guy’s gift. We can’t imagine not carrying them in our gallery.
Josie from The Craft Gallery, Capitola, CA
We’ve been in business with Heartwood for at least 30 years and the boxes continue to sell. They’re a nice price point and people enjoy picking them up
Jorge Navas, Infusion Fine Gifts, Vail, CO
Our family-owned business was founded in 1978. Heartwood Creations has such exquisite attention to workmanship and detail. We are so proud to represent a broad collection of their products in our retail store. It’s no small surprise that we sold through one third of our Heartwood inventory within one month of our opening order. Our customers are waiting for our next shipment, they simply love this product, and are also buying it for gift giving
Jerry Kallman, Airline International Luggage, Pens & Gifts El Paso, TX